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by konafoto

Game of Sass 4x01




Thank you for 25k followers!! I am both of these faces! I want to kiss you all, you’re so sweet and generous and supportive it’s just ridiculous. Thank you so much for all you’ve given me over the last 2 years, it’s been amazing and this year I will try to do my best to deserve that support.


disliking animated movies

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disliking animated movies and feeling the need to constantly make fun of people that like them and believing that you’re better than those who like them because those movies are obviously totally without a doubt only intended for children to like and anyone else that likes them is obviously childish and immature

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Flirting: A Guide, by Jaime Lannister


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there are a shit ton of “jock boy likes plain, nerdy boy” yoai comics, we need a yuri equivalent to them. so a cheerleader falls for artsy, nerd girl yeaah

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